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Police Subculture Essay

I will be writing my research paper on police subculture and how the affects of police subculture impact the body of the law and how it relates to crime. Police subculture is an array of standard procedures and values that rule law enforcers activates in relation to their contractual responsibilities. Police officers were ranked the fifth most stressful job in the world. Since police work is very stressful, police officers have to deal with many hostile individuals in the public and therefore they need to defined styles to handle these unique scenarios. What I will be talking about in my paper is since police subculture is so different such as their values, and beliefs police share which sets them apart from other members of society. Overall I will be talking about the beliefs of police subculture psychological cause of police subculture, changing police subculture and how police subculture affects our society. Police officers are people the society normally looks up to as epitomes of discipline and protectors of law and order; however police behavior in recent years has been anything but flawless with that being said there is a rise in the resentment and distrust in the public. The public no longer trusts or respects police officers imposing all sorts of changes against them. Police behavior is indeed hateful in some cases especially where minorities or women are concerned. When we dig deeper into the anthropological and psychological cause of this kind of behavior, we notice that police are influenced by a flawed subculture that profound affects the attitude and behavior of most police officers. With that being said this subculture teaches them certain values and beliefs and on the other, it turns the entire police community into a cohesive group meaning causing cohesion that is essentially alienated from the general public. According to Adler, Mueller, and Laufer (1994) police subculture is a â€Å"set of norms and values that govern police behavior, brought about by stressful working conditions plus daily interaction with an often hostile public.† Police subculture is responsible for giving offers a unique working attitude and mindset. Their character and personality is profoundly altered by the vies and values that they learn from existing in this subculture. The one most important thing we notice about this subculture is the idea of insiders and outsiders that lies at the core of all its values. Police officers are constantly reminded of their role as protectors of peace and order which turns them against the general public as they view everyone outside the police department as a potential criminal or suspect. Police subculture is also essentially characterized by violence as researched indicates that, â€Å"Many officers are exposed to a subculture of violence in which they encounter death almost daily. The average citizen generally does not witness in a lifetime the amount of death and violence a police officer experiences in one month.† (violanti,1995) Dr. James Fyfe, a very well known figure in the world of law education and law enforcement indentified some key issues regarding police sudbulture during a police conference in April 1992. He believed that â€Å" characteristics of the police subculture may be responsible for some of the apparent increase in the frequency of police compkaints. He stated that many police officers feel they are soldiers in the war on crime. Fyfe said that this is a war they cannot win, and the realization of this leads to frustration and anger. â€Å"(Eric Jackso,1992) Police officers are severely affected by the values that this subculture promotes and endorses. For instance, police officers are usually alienated from the general society which puts them at a greater risk of being vulnerable to police subculture. This is because they are regularly reminded of the insider/outsider principle meaning giving rise to certain degree of separation from the public. This separation starts expanding with the passage of time until police officers cannot longer relate to the common society this results in deeper association with police subculture, which ultimately shapes their perspective on others. Another reason they cannot relate to the public is because of the accusations that are imposed against them. The public usually treats then with disgust and disrespect, holding them responsible for corruption and plagues police departments and for  general lawlessness in the society. Fr this reason, police officers seeks validation from other police personnel, wh ich makes the inner subculture more effective and powerful. (Christopher Cooper,2000) Violanti(1995) explains: â€Å" The roots of frustration emanate from the central irony of American policing: Society charges police officers with the task of regulation a public that does not want to be regulated. For individual officers, the resulting frustration is exacerbated by a largely unsympathetic press, a lack of community support, and a criminal justice system that values equity over expediency. A sense of societal isolation often ensues, compelling officers to together in a defensive stance.† While this occupational subculture should have been a source of inspiration, it is actually despised by many including some police officers themselves alter they realize how it damaged their vision and personality. Most police officers are racial biased as recent incidents of police brutality indicate. This is because of women and minorities are seen as weaker groups and when they refused to obey police commands, police officers see it as a direct attack on their authority. This attitude has given rise to some serious cause of police brutality against citizens and one such case was that of Thomas Jones of Philadelphia. Commenting on this case, a former U.S Marine and police officer Christopher Cooper (2000) linked these kind of cases to police subculture saying â€Å"Sadly, in our early tenure as cops, we instructed on the â€Å"code† of the police subculture. These are norms that are almost always perverse. Two such norms were operable in the Jones mob attack. The first was if a citizen runs from one of us, we are to beat him severely. Another is that if a citizen physically hurts one of use, we are to hurt that citizen even more before we bring him to the station. And if that citizen has killed a cop, he shouldn’t make it to the station alive.† The marcho-ism that characterizes police culture is also responsible for cases of domestic violence where police officers were charged for hitting their wives and using force to extract obedience. This is indeed a highly disturbing situation, ehich is posing serious threat that happiness of households where one spouse is in the police department. It has been noticed  that when many police officers are domestic abusers even though they may not define their behavior in these terms. Apart from women and minorities, gay men also face serious prejudice especially if they join the police force. Kirschman(1997) writes: As with women, gay men are presumed to lack such manlu attributes as courage, bravery, and loyalty. And like women, when they demonstrate courage and competence, they threaten the notion that only â€Å"manly† men can do police work.

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Oliver Twist Essay

Dickens never stops criticising the workhouse and the way they treated orphans in the first chapter. The first chapter closes with ‘Oliver cried lustily. If he could have known that he was an orphan, left to the tender mercies of church wardens and overseers, perhaps he would cried the louder. ‘ This last statement leaves us feeling sympathetic towards Oliver. Oliver after eight to ten months was sent off to a baby farm. This is yet another aspect of society, which was not a pleasant experience, another institution where children were malnourished and brought up by hand, similar to the parish workhouse but the actual purpose of the baby farm, was different. ‘Where twenty or thirty other juvenile offenders against the poor-laws rolled about the floor all day, without the inconvenience of to much food or clothing,’ When Dickens says that the children are offenders against the poor laws he is was once again using sarcasm. He uses sarcasm here to make the children sound like criminals which is what the higher class people saw the children as, as they have no parents and no money. Under the parental superintendence of an elderly woman implies that the children are neglected and left to his of her own company with no particular care or affection. However it was very unlikely that a woman of Mrs Mann’s age, the elderly woman watching over the children, was going to actually give the children what money they were given. Mrs Mann never gave the children all the money they were given to be able to lead a health life. She only gave the children enough money to buy what she thought was a suitable diet. She deprives the children of their rights and uses the money for her own luxuries. It was of no surprise that this system of farming would leave no child fit and healthy, and Dickens outlines this by Oliver’s physical appearance. ‘Oliver Twists ninth birthday found him a pale thin child, somewhat diminutive in stature and decidedly small in circumference. ‘ Nourishment wasn’t the only thing that Mrs Mann’s system lacked. Responsibility and awareness wasn’t some of her strongest qualities along with many of the other women who worked in baby farms in Dickens day. Many deaths occurred in farms and they were down to sheer carelessness. ‘It did perversely happen in eight and a half cases out of ten, either that sickened from want and cold, or fell into the fire from neglect, or got half smothered by accident; in any one of which cases, the miserable little being was usually summoned into another world, and there gathered to the fathers it had never known in this. ‘ There were an unusual high number of suspicious deaths in the baby farms. However Mr Bumble and the board regularly covered for up these deaths to keep the Parish Officials in the dark to what really went on. Mrs Mann said she gave the children gin when they were ill so they didn’t moan from the pain and disturb her peace. ‘Why, its what I’m obliged to keep a little in the house, to put into the blessed infants’ Daffy, when they aint well, Mr Bumble’ At least this is what she says, I personally think that she kept the gin in the house so when the children were ill and were crying with pain she could drink the gin and drown out the noise the children made. Oliver stayed with Mrs Mann until he was nine years old. After Mr Bumble had arrived Oliver was already upstairs being washed and made presentable enough and then brought down to the Beadle. ‘Having by this time as much of the outer coat of dirt, which encrusted his face and hands, removed, as could be scrubbed off in one washing was led into the room by his benevolent protectress. ‘ Notice in the quotation how Oliver was led this further demonstrates that Oliver is a passive character. He does not lead himself but is led by others. This consistently proceeds to happen throughout the novel as he led by Mr Bumble and many other characters of the story. Oliver is always referred to as being little, small, poor little Oliver Twist. This is to try and gain the readers sympathy. In the 1830’s, Victorian times, the Victorians would engross themselves in stories and novels which involved sad and sympathetic characters. They enjoyed reading ‘tear jerking’ novels and Dickens tries to capture and involve the reader in the novel by always referring Oliver as small, little and poor. Oliver was now nine years old and was scheduled to stand before the board, which was made up of eight to ten men. They were going to decide where to send Oliver as he was too old to still live in the farm with Mrs Mann. The board were stern and strict. One of the men in a white waistcoat called Oliver a fool. ‘Which was a capital way raising his spirits and putting him quite at ease’ Dickens here is being facetious in the way that the man which called Oliver a fool did not help him relax in front of the board. The board started interrogating little Oliver asking him questions to what he did not know the answers. They asked if he was aware he was an orphan, if he prayed at night for those who fed him and cared for him and yet he did not know what praying was. He had not been educated in such things by anyone and by which means was he suppose to know he had to. The board told Oliver that he was to learn a new and useful trade. This was to pick oakum. ‘So you’ll begin to pick oakum tomorrow morning at six o’clock’ added the surely one in the white waistcoat’ Oliver was not involved in the decisions made only told and this was no way to treat someone, especially not a child just because he was an orphan. ‘The members of the board were very sage, deep, philosophical man, and when they came to turn their attention to the workhouse, they found out at once, what ordinary folks would never have discovered – the poor people liked it’ Once again Dickens uses sarcasm and irony to mock the board and criticise their intelligence. Rules and regulations were put into order, to try and make the workhouses run smoothly. Separating the men and women and children, having routines for breakfast, dinner, tea and super. Having small meals of thin gruel that barely filled an inch of the workers stomach; and yet the board thought this was decent of them, decent of them to have given the poor an option to starve slowly and painfully or to starve them quickly. Oliver throughout the novel is a passive character, at this point in the novel Oliver acts for the first time. After a little encouragement from his friends sat having the little bit of gruel for dinner he gets up and asks the master for some more. ‘Please, sir, I want some more. ‘ Now the master was a fat and healthy man. Oliver in the novel is always seen alongside with fat, well fed, healthy men and women. This produces a lot of imagery for the reader. Oliver is continually described as little, thin, small and we because Dickens always puts Oliver alongside people in a contrasting body appearance it makes the audience feel even more sympathy towards Oliver because Dickens reiterates how small Oliver is and adds to this effect by putting him with people who are of a healthy manner. The master’s reaction to Oliver asking for more leaves a lot to be desired for Oliver Twist. The master did not just go along with Oliver and place more food into Oliver’s bowl, like he should have done as Oliver worked very hard and deserved the food that he needed to keep him on his feet but was shocked and hesitated in dismay before hitting him over the head with the ladle he had in hand. He then grabbed the young Oliver twist and shrieked for the Beadle, Mr Bumble. Dickens exaggerates the way in which the Beadle, the master and board would have reacted at an event such as a young boy, in a workhouse, asking for more food, but it does draw attention to Dickens strong opinion about, how the food was distributed. When Mr Bumble ran into the room where the men of the board sat he was in a rather excitable state. When Mr bumble tells the board of what Oliver Twist had ‘offended’ there was a great deal of horror amongst the board.

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A man of great and diverse gifts

A man of great and diverse gifts Essay We learn that Anne is dead and in Act 4 Scene 4 we see Richard asking Elizabeth for help in wooing her daughter. After a long confrontation. Elizabeth appears to agree with the plan. However, it is here we see the beginning of his loss of control over people. ELIZABETH: Shall I go win my daughter to thy will? RICHARD: And be happy mother by thy deed. ELIZABETH: I go. Write to me very shortly, And you shall understand from me her mind. RICHARD: Bear her my true loves kiss, and so farewell Exit Q Relenting fool and shallow, changing women Here we see that Elizabeth has lulled Richard into thinking that she fully intends her daughter to be wed. We see this by Richards last exclamation that he thinks he has manipulated her, whereas the truth is that Elizabeth has manipulated him into thinking he is to be married, when, secretly, Elizabeth has no intention for her daughter to be married to Richard. This is the start of Richards downfall until he is finally killed by Richmond in the battle of Bosworth in Act 5 Scene 5. However, before his death we see his battle with his conscience and is victimised by it because of all the deaths he has caused. The repetition of the phrase despair and die predicts the death of Richard, whilst the ghosts promote Richmonds succession as king. As Richard III was written as propaganda for the Tudor dynasty, it is probable that Richards character was overemphasized and his deformity exaggerated to increase the superiority of their reign. Examples of Shakespeares magnification of Richards deformity include the animalistic metaphors such as: boar bunch backed toad and tiger used to describe him. These are used to turn the audience against Richard, as they get more potent as we follow him through the play. Throughout the play Richard shows many characteristics that would make people believe he is either a bloody tyrant and a homicide or a man of great and diverse gifts. However, from the events that have been studied I have concluded that he is both. Richard is clearly a bloody tyrant and a homicide, like many other major historical figures such as Hitler or Stalin, he had a plan for complete power. Although, to achieve this there must be no opposition. Much like in Stalins Great Terror where he killed anybody who he thought could pose a threat, Richard killed anybody who would challenge his accession to the throne. Although, a tyrant this was unusual for the times, both Richards predecessors and successors were tyrannical rulers. However, for Richard to do this involved planning and care. Richard used his gifts of crafty rhetoric and manipulation. Richard is able to encourage confidence in others around him, without letting them know they are destined for death at his hands. We must also sympathise with Richard in the play because we know Richard III was written as Tudor propaganda and so his deformity and character would have been hugely overemphasized to make the Tudors rule seem superior. In conclusion, Richard is both a bloody tyrant and a homicide and a man of great and diverse gifts. Without these gifts he would never have been able to gain access to the throne because he would have been stopped before he had a chance. With his gifts he was able to create a smoke screen, with which he was able cover his tracks until he was able to reach the throne.

Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 11

Business - Essay Example Abu Dhabi is keeping a silence ever since the report of the crisis has started. Some people think that Abu Dhabi may come for the rescue of Dubai while others have different opinions. Dubai might be escaped from the current crisis; but the damages caused by the current crisis have spoiled the image of Dubai and more time needed Dubai to regain the lost confidence of investors in Dubai ventures. The article concluded that it is difficult for Dubai to regain its lost face even if they were able to come out of the crisis. The article also concludes that Abu Dhabi has a major role in solving the Dubai crisis. The article beautifully explained the pros and cons of the current Dubai crisis. The article has ridiculed the existing Dubai governmental functioning. Moreover, it is indirectly blaming the foolish lending habits of some of the foreign financial institutions from Britain and Europe. The article was not sure about the Abu Dhabi’s tactics in the current Dubai crisis, even though it identifies Abu Dhabi as the probable savior of Dubai. FOR years, Dubai strove to capture the imagination of the financial world, projecting its young financial centre as a â€Å"global gateway† for capital. Last week it succeeded in grabbing attention. Its announcement that it would delay repayment of the debts of Dubai World, a vast government-owned conglomerate, swept through global markets like one of the blinding sandstorms that occasionally afflict the emirate, obscuring the gleam of its skyscrapers. Like those storms, Dubai’s announcement was so damaging because it reduced visibility. Investors had assumed that the Dubai government was willing to rescue the indebted conglomerates it sponsors, and that Abu Dhabi, its well-heeled neighbouring emirate, was willing, in turn, to rescue Dubai. In particular, they had looked forward to the full and timely repayment of a $3.5 billion Islamic bond issued by Nakheel, a Dubai World subsidiary, on December

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National Collegiate Athletic Association Assignment

National Collegiate Athletic Association - Assignment Example This means that every division has its own mode of operation, as shall be seen forthwith. The money that is allocated and used in the three divisions is disbursed or handled under one collective umbrella body, the NCAA. For instance, on August 31st, 2010 and 2011, NCAA received 16,800,000 dollars and 17,900,000 dollars, respectively. The need for this money is underscored by there being 430,000 student-athletes who are participants of NCAA sports. For Division I, prospective student-athletes have to achieve the present minimal initial-eligibility in their test scores. The score should at least have a minimum 2.0 GPA in the core courses. However, for immediate access to competition, the prospective student-athlete must have at least a GPA of 2.3 and an increased sliding scale (NCAA, 2012). To continue being a Division II member, it is important that the individual fulfils a three-year membership system which is again divided into two phases. The first phase is the candidacy period while the second is the provisional period. The member must therefore complete the two years of the candidacy period, and one year for the provisional period. The school has a large sway in determining whether one will be a Division II or not, since it is schools which apply for inclusion into a given division, based on the ascertainment that the school has met the threshold required. The same case applies to Division III membership (NCAA, 2012). Division I offers a given number of financial aids as awards, to student-athletes, without exceeding the maximum amount that is allowed. Division I sports issue grants-in-aid as a grant program to help the students settle their fees, buy academic literature and settle personal needs. As for Division II, there is the disbursement of basketball fund. The issuance of this basketball fund is pegged on an individual’s historical performance in Women’s and Men’s Basketball

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Business Continuity Planning - Program Initiation, Risk Management Research Paper

Business Continuity Planning - Program Initiation, Risk Management (Risk Evaluation) & Incident Management - Research Paper Example In this paper, the three areas of DRI professional practices will be discussed. NBC’s priority is to satisfy its stakeholders through an enhanced system of governance and risk management. To guarantee that their products and services will be available during disruptive events/ hazards, NBC provides this Business Continuity Planning Policy. This policy will enable the company to continue its banking operations and help in reducing losses in the midst of crisis. For instance, NBC has risk management policies, which are proposed, implemented, and reviewed by the Risk Management Group. These policies are approved by the Global Risk Committee under the authority of the Board of Directors. â€Å"These policies cover all the main risks defined in the Bank’s risk management approach and are reviewed on a regular ensure that they are still relevant given changes in the markets...† (National Bank of Canada 62). All the governance structures of NBC must adhere to these policies including the Office of the President, bank’s management , and business units (i.e. financial markets, wealth management, & personal & commercial banking). 1. Jean Douville, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He and the other corporate directors will approve risk policies for the bank as recommended by the Risk Management Board or the Global Risk Committee. 2. Louis Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer. The Office of the President and the senior management will approve any credit facilities, but those credit applications (personal & commercial) that are beyond their limitations are endorsed to the BOD for final approval. 3. Business Unit/Division Managers (i.e. human resource, marketing, operations, risk management). This group has bigger responsibilities in terms of policy implementation and should regularly report to the senior management for the effectiveness of the policy. See appendix 1 for the names of the

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NATIONAL REPUBLICAN-WHIG INTELLIGENCER(ANDREW JACKSON) - Essay Example Hailed as a manipulative politician, in his eight years as President of USA he achieved the impossible, not always turned out to be good for a section of the people. He made the best use of the ‘divide and rule policy’ so secure his power and chair. From an ordinary soldier to reach the office of the President was a big leap and hold on to it for two terms was a bigger achievement. For a practicing politician, the powerful chair is more important than the welfare of the ‘chair-less powers’ (people) The important tool with the people to check the political ascendancy of a person or a party, is the need to know how to apply brakes. This can be done by not electing the party in power for the second term. Andrew Jackson successfully met the challenges posed by his rival politicians. Nevertheless, he was the protector of popular democracy and individual liberty. This tough President deserved the nickname â€Å"Old Hickory.† His portrait on the United States twenty-dollar bill is the constant reminder to his popularity. Populism, once in a while, is understandable for a political figure, but the repeated populist measures will not be for the good of the Nation. In the first flush of enthusiasm Jackson invited the poor people on the occasion of the inaugural ball during the 1829 presidential inauguration, in their homemade clothes. This was a magnanimous gesture that nearly went beyond the controlling capacity of the security guards at the White House. He converted political problems into opportunities. When the scandal related to Senator John Eaton, his trusted friend, blew out of proportion and the Cabinet Ministers resigned, it was a God-sent opportunity for him to reshuffle the Cabinet and appoint Officers who were loyal to him. Some of his attempted socio-political reforms crossed the borders of fantasy. The designs of destiny worked in his favor and in 1830 the Indian Removal Act was passed by his administration by a singe vote. That decided the fate of

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Critically examine and assess the importance in the development of Essay

Critically examine and assess the importance in the development of judicial review of the case- Roy v kensington & chelsea & westminster family practitioner com - Essay Example Different views can be held of the role of the courts in this area, but they all have one thing in common; they see the prime function of judicial control as essentially negative, namely to ensure that government bodies do not overstep the proper blends of their powers and to protect individuals and the interests of groups and of the public against undue encroachment by government agencies. The two judicial reviews which make it less than ideally adapted to the function of ensuring administrative efficiency are; first is unsystematic nature of judicial review; Courts will review the activities of government only when asked to do so, within a time, by an applicant with the required interest in the outcome of the review. Judicial review cannot be used to conduct wide-ranging and coordinated investigations into the conduct of government business and secondly judicial review is essentially retrospective; its primary concern is with past conduct, and its effect 1on the future conduct of t he administration is incidental (Cooper, 1988). In United Kingdom constitution, the major weapon of judicial control over the exercise of governmental power is provided by the action for judicial review. This action serves to keep public bodies within the scope of the power conferred on them by the law. Prior to the present law commission inquiry into procedural aspects of judicial review, there have been significant changes in the ways in which governmental power is exercised and controlled. This focuses on the law commission’s report number 226 the ‘Judicial Review and Statutory Appeals’ which examines specific proposals contained therein arguing that, underlying the reforms there exists no coherent vision of the future role of public law. But instead, what is revealed is a confused cocktail of measures in which the tension between the legitimate needs of public administration and the opposing requirement that

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President Barack Obama, the war power, and executive orders Essay

President Barack Obama, the war power, and executive orders - Essay Example From this paper, it is clear that executive orders are used by presidents to promote civil rights and in emboldening or discourage regulation by federal agencies. Both Presidents Barack Obama and President George W. Bush have observed that the executive order has progressively become a powerful political weapon. The executive order has been used in pushing through regulations and this may end up being a political worse crisis. President’s executive orders are derived from Article II, section 1 of the America constitution specifies that the president has the executive power "He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed†. Executive orders in my perception are controversial because the through the executive order the president can make a major critical decision. The excises executive order by presidents run against the general logic of the constitution that says clearly that no one should have the power to act unilaterally. The executive order has a drawback for it undermines the trusted system of check and balance, giving rise to unjustifiable acts by the executive branch which may use it to safeguard their personal interests rather than national interests. For this reason, executive orders are considered too inappropriate in democratic and civilized country like the United States. Therefore, it is essential for the three arms of government to acts as a watchdog of each other thus enabling democracy to triumph without being hindered by the presidency through executive orders.

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Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence Essay

Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence - Essay Example This essay looks at the concept from the security viewpoint. â€Å"Social Engineering is defined as the process of deceiving people into giving away access or confidential information† (Social Engineering Defined). Hackers, identity thieves, information brokers, disgruntled employees etc. are examples of social engineers. Dr. Max Kilger, co-author of the  Honeynet Project identifies the motivators for non-ethical computer activity which can also be applied to social engineering; these are money, entertainment, ego, cause, entrance into a social group and status within that social group (Typical Goals of a Social Engineer). Counter Intelligence To a layman, counterintelligence would mean the opposite of intelligence seen from the security angle. â€Å"Counterintelligence (CI) can be defined as information gathered and activities conducted to identify, deceive, exploit, disrupt, or protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or persons, or their agents, or international terrorist organizations or activities† (Office Of Counterintelligence, 2011). Implications to National Security New age threats of different kinds according to Car and Musladin (2013) pose a challenge to national security. These are explained below. A few such challenges like terrorism, organized crime, and activism with a negative face are considered here. Terrorism is one of the dreaded scourges that affect national security. As Car and Musladin explain, terrorists actively use the internet to network and carry out physical attacks on nations, who even own up to terror acts on the internet. Organized Crime cannot be far behind. The use of the internet ensures that people at the higher echelons of a terror network go unapprehended and remain free to plan further terror strikes. All sorts of fraud take place by cheating unsuspecting victims. The defrauding of banks and other financ ial institutions can lead to the destabilization of the economy. According to Car and Musladin, activism with a negative face also finds voice on the internet. This can shape and build public opinion. Unfortunately, it can provoke the masses as they can be manipulated by touching raw nerves. On the other end of the spectrum, the internet is also the stage of revolutions and protests. The Arab Spring is an instance of a revolution that took the help of digital media. When mainstream media is muffled or does not offer any succor, it is such media which become the voice of the public and leads to revolutions. Importance of Sound Information Workforce It is of utmost importance that a sound information workforce is maintained. The workforce should be aware of and alert about their work environment at all times. They should be sensitized to the value of the data being handled by them. Only an aware workforce can secure its data. Social engineering also poses a grave threat to security. T he key to preventing this would be a transparent communication system at all times. Impersonation and identity thefts can be reduced to a large extent with a structured communication system. At times, the workforce can sense patterns and peculiarities in routine activities. Hence, corrective action can be taken before further damage occurs. Finally, it is always best to strike at the roots. Any fool proof system to be designed for security is best

Information Systems In Business Organizations Essay Example for Free

Information Systems In Business Organizations Essay The website of PC Magazine, upon looking at its physical makeup, and design, was designed to entice and provoke consumers all over the world, some of them, I assume, are hooked on online shopping, to purchase products featured on their website. The home page of the website appears to be patches of commercial billboards as it is occupied by advertising ads publicizing their line of products. Some of the wide variety of products presented in the website includes printers, digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, software and hardware products for computers, mp3 players, to flash drives, speakers, projectors, subscriptions for PC magazine as well, and many more. There is also a broad range of links that you can visit that depends on your fields of interest. For online window shoppers, there is a link for product guides and reviews. Products available in the market, including all brand names, companies and corporations who pay for advertisements, and product partners, are reviewed and rated. The reviews are useful enough, containing the positive and negative feedbacks of each product. The ratings on the other hand are based on the features, compatibility to other gadgets, design, and the price of the product. There are also software products, for shareware, demo trial, and freeware that the online client can sample and access. As tagline of the goes, their website is intended for an independent individual. To prove their claim, they have provided links for how-to’s, do-it-yourself’s, tips and guides, and video blogs. For the online information-seeker, there are links for news updates and columns about products in the market, whether these are upgrades, new product launches, additional reviews, comments, etc. Aside from the advertisements plaguing the website, there is also a separate link for online shoppers, which constitute numerous merchandises that are available for purchasing, shopping options, and technology solutions. Moreover, there are discussion boards for online clients who wish to communicate with other online clients about gadget finds, current trends, and other issues about technology and its advances.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Overall, the website of PC Magazine spells out the words â€Å"to sell.† There isn’t any link in the website which does not feature an advertisement or stimulating signs such as low prices, sales, and discounts for products. For each mouse click, there is always a provocation to purchase gadget items. The website accommodates online shoppers, online window shoppers, and consumers deciding on what products to purchase for their particular needs and why. However, primarily caters to businesses or corporations that are planning advertising strategies for the promotion of their products. In as much as the website would want to display themselves as a consumer-centered community, it is likely that business corporations are more benefited by them than their consumers. People who are knowledgeable about management and marketing issues or even rational consumers who are not easily swayed by advertising would know this. Advertising is a very powerful and persuasive tool in stimulating consumers to believe what they are trying to sell. It does not even contribute much to information technology because it is only concerned with the promotions of software and hardware products. Although there are links provided for how-to’s and such, it still lacks depth and beneficial information to sustain the demands of learning information technology. The extensive amount of information provided in each link would be a subject of interest to you if you are a techie and gadget-dependent or if you want to learn how to operate gadgets that are widely used nowadays. If these are your objectives in visiting the sites, then it would be an advantageous and helpful thing for you to do. The product guides and reviews would prove to be the most interesting and valuable links for consumers, as it has the most consumer-centered feel to it. In general, the usefulness and value of the website depends upon your needs and concerns.

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Mechanical Reproduction Essay Example for Free

Mechanical Reproduction Essay Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin can be summed up into two important subjects—reproducibility and the concept of the aura. One of the main ideas of Benjamin Walter’s work is technological advancement in the field of the arts which has changed art itself. Mass reproduction of works of art has made even the replicas works of art by themselves. Consequently, the original has lost its authenticity. The concept of the aura is the next major idea that Benjamin Walter discusses—the aura is the very essence of a work of art, which is lost because of mass reproduction, particularly art that uses film as a medium. As the times change, so to do the perceptions of humans—and thus, contributing to the demise of the aura in art. Art and tradition go hand in hand, but with the advent of modern mediums today, art as business (mass production) has become the main concern. Art has two functions, either as â€Å"cult† magical in function, hidden from view, or as a public spectacle. The difference between film and portraits is that film does not have that aura. The succeeding sections mostly talk about film. One section delves into some theories on film, while another section talks about the actor, citing differences between acting in front of a live audience and acting in front of the camera and how the camera destroys the aura of the acting. Section nine is about how anyone can, or rather, play as works of art because of film. The camera hides real talent and shows only that which the filmmakers want to project. The rest of the discussion is still about film and the differences this new technology has made into our modern perception of art. Work Cited Benjamin, Walter. â€Å"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. † Core Concepts for Communication and Web Development. English Department, Bentley College. 02 March 2009 http://web. bentley. edu/empl/c/rcrooks/toolbox/common_knowledge/general_communication/benjamin. html.

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Production of Lightweight Concrete Decorative Tiles

Production of Lightweight Concrete Decorative Tiles 1.2 Aim To produce the lightweight concrete decorative tiles by using waste materials with different attractive colour and pattern. 1.3 Objectives To achieve the properties of lightweight concrete decorative tiles. To assess the purpose and advantages of lightweight concrete decorative tiles. Design mix of the decorative tiles by different ratio with waste materials. 1.4 Problem statement Lightweight concrete decorative tiles are very common use nowadays. But using waste materials to produce lightweight concrete decorative tiles are still very fresh in our country. 1.5 Scope of study The scope of study for this dissertation is concerned on the lightweight concrete decorative tiles. The purpose for this dissertation is to produce decorative tiles with waste materials . 1.6 Background information Nowadays, building materials become more and more important in construction industry. Concrete has become the most important material for large buildings because it is durable, fire resistant, relatively cheap, and an entire structure can be cast monolithically. Lightweight concrete may be structural concrete that weights slightly less than normal concrete and thus reduces the weight of a structure, or it may be much lighter and used mainly for insulation and sound absorption. It is lighter than the conventional concrete. The use of lightweight concrete blocks has been widely spread across countries. Its advantages are that there is a reduction of dead load, faster building rates in construction and lower haulage and handling costs. Decorative tiles have been with us from the earliest days of human civilization with some of the earliest examples of decorative wall tiles coming from 4000 years ago. Traces of this rich history can be found in the contemporary decorative tiles we find nowadays. Many techniques were used to create pictures, figures and patterns on pieces of tile. These techniques include glazed clay, encaustic or inlaid clay, mosaic stone, mosaic clay tiles, hand painted tiles, carved and formed tiles, sgraffito (scratched tiles), metallic overlays and transfer printing. These same methods are all used to make decorative tiles today. These are very similar to the pieces made by ancient tilemakers. In fact art tiles as theyre known in the industry, have become the fastest growing trend in tile design and are as coveted my 21st century designers and customers as they were prized by our ancestors. 1.7 Methodology Stage 1 : Literature review This study will review the relevant literature on the lightweight concrete brick and also clay brick. In order to achieve the entire objective, a systematic literature review shall be conducted which will cover reference book in library, institutional and statutory publication, periodicals and trade/academic journals and so on. A research of the relevant information including an internet searching conduct in order to find out the properties of lightweight concrete brick and clay brick. The entire information search from Internet will keep us informed of the future and presence data. Stage 2 : Pilot study Date collection will take the form of a structured postal questionnaire. However, an initial pilot study will be conducted to test the validity of the questionnaire through in depth test at laboratory. Stage 3 : Testing at laboratory The feedback from pilot study should assist in laboratory experiment . Testing the material that related to my research. Stage 4 : Analysing the experiment result The analysis of the experiment result will take two forms. First is do a comparison with table form. Second is do a result proposal then just do a table and list out the differences between two materials. Stage 5 : Writing the research report This stage involved writing up the content of the dissertation and should cover the chapters proposed in the following section. 1.8 Proposed structure of the dissertation Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Literature review Chapter 3 Research design and methodology Chapter 4 Analysis of the results and discussion Chapter 5 Conclusion and further study evidence CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 What is Lightweight Concrete Decorative Tiles ? 2.1.1 Definition of Lightweight Concrete Jeffrey Girard (2006) states that ‘lightweight concrete mixes are commonly used in the construction industry where weight savings is an important factor. One of the most common uses for lightweight concrete is with floor, roof or bridge decks; others include pavement systems, masonry blocks and offshore oil structures. Lightweight concrete is made by replacing some or all of the normal weight aggregate with lightweight aggregate. Often the coarse fraction is replaced with lightweight aggregate and the fines are normal weight sand. Mat Lazim Zakaria (1978) states that ‘lightweight concrete can be defined as a type of concrete which includes an expanding agent in that it increases the volume of the mixture while giving additional qualities such as nailibility and lessened the dead weight. Mohd Roji Samidi (1997) written that ‘lightweight concrete is lighter than the conventional concrete with a dry density of 300 kg/m3 up to 1840 kg/m3; 87 to 23% lighter. It was first introduced by the Romans in the second century where ‘The Pantheon has been constructed using pumice, the most common type of aggregate used in that particular year. Lightweight are commonly use when weight saving is the important factor such as using in floor, wall, bridge decks or roof. Usually it is made by replacing lightweight aggregate rather than normal weight aggregate to produce lighter in weight and the sand will be remain the same. It also can be made by adding some admixture or expanding agent to increase the volume of the mixture. It will lessen the weight of the concrete. Lightweight concrete can be made to lighter than the conventional concrete up to 23 to 87% still the most common type of lightweight concrete will be replacing the normal aggregate by lightweight aggregate. 2.1.2 History of Decorative Tiles  · Decorative tile has been around since the beginning of recorded history. In fact, some of the earliest records were created on tile that was carved, fired and then preserved in the libraries of kings. Even the glazing of tile has long been practiced, seen in archaeological finds such as the Ishtar Gate of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II (dating to around 575 BC). Tiles were used in mosaics throughout Greece and Italy, often depicting intricate scenes of religious and cultural value. Roman baths were often decorated in tile mosaics, some of which still survive. Early use of decorative tiles was a privilege that was restricted to the upper class and the clergy. The use of ceramic tile became more widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages. Italy was a major producer of such tile, and still is today. Tiles used in cathedrals throughout Europe can still be seen today, a testament to their durability. 2.2 Waste Materials Papercrete Papercrete is a building material comprised of a mixture of Portland cement and recycled paper fiber (a light-weight, insulating concrete) . The maximum insulating value is obtained when the dry matrix includes the greatest density of air pockets. High strength is obtained when the paper fiber is thoroughly coated by the portland cement. Papercrete is mixed with Portland cement to obtain an excellent sound absorption quality, to be flame/fungus retardant, and bug/rodent resistant. Since it is relatively light , it is potentially an ideal material for earthquake-prone areas. It can be used in many ways as blocks, panels, poured in place, used like igloo blocks to make a self-standing dome or applied over a framework to make a roof or dome. 2.3 Properties of Lightweight Concrete Decorative Tiles 2.3.1 Compressive Strength For compressive strength, the performance of lightweight concrete is controlled on lightweight aggregates. Two factors enter into the strength of lightweight concrete are the strength of the aggregates and the strength of the hardened cement-water paste. Among the various types of lightweight aggregate, there are large differences in strength and toughness, and all but the strongest lightweight aggregates are likely to be weaker than hardened cement-water pastes within the usual range of cement contents. (American Society for Testing and Materials,1956 pp.241) As the general rule, the strength of a lightweight concrete will be less than that of a concrete of equal cement content but containing aggregates of normal weight. Also, with a given cement content, the lower the strength of the lightweight aggregates the lower will be the strength of the lightweight concrete. (American Society for Testing and Materials,1956 pp.241) In the truth, lightweight aggregate concrete does not have good compressive strength as the density is low. The strongest of the lightweight aggregate concrete is still weaker than the cement paste. The lower the strength of lightweight aggregate, the lower the strength of lightweight concrete. The benefit for lightweight concrete is light in weight, good in insulation and fire resistance. 2.3.2 Sound Insulation and Absorption Lightweight concrete is a perfect impact and air-borne sound absorbing concrete and thus is highly suitable for partition walls and floor screeds or foundations. The air-borne or air contain in the lightweight concrete has better sound absorption. When there is better sound absorption, the better for the sound insulation. It is suitable to use for partition walls and floors which require better sound insulation. 2.3.3 Fire Resistance Lightweight concrete has a better fire resistance than concrete consisting of normal aggregates, because of its lower heat conductivity, and its lower rate of strength loss with rise in temperature . Lightweight concrete has better fire resistance than conventional concrete because it has lower heat conductivity. When the temperature of the lightweight concrete rise, it does not expand quickly like conventional concrete as the density of lightweight concrete is lower. As a result, the lower rate of strength loss will be for the lightweight concrete. It is to prevent the fire spread faster to cause more injuries or losses. If the fire spread one room to another room, the victims in a fire may not able to escape. It is why the covering elements should be better fire resistance. 2.4 Purpose of Decorative Tiles Decorative tiles can be used in a variety of places around the home and in many different ways. While most people think of floor tiling, there are many other places that can be given a fresh look with tiles. They can also be used on kitchen counters, walls and in bathrooms.   Tiles can be great to put on walls behind kitchen and bathroom sinks or around bathtubs as backsplashes. Using tiles as borders around rooms is an effective way of creating a new look. Replacing an old floor with new tiles can create a floor that is easy to care for and doubles as a piece of  art. Decorative tiles can also be used on an individual basis. Tiles that are decorated with a single scene or picture can double as wall art. A few plain tiles and decorating them by hand is a great way to create one-of-a-kind art, specially tailored to an individual room. 2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Lightweight Concrete Table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of using lightweight concrete as structure . Advantages Disadvantages rapid and relatively simple construction Economical in terms of transportation as well as reduction in manpower Significant reduction of overall weight results in saving structural frames, footing or piles Most of lightweight concrete have better nailing and sawing properties than heavier and stronger conventional concrete Very sensitive with water content in the mixtures Difficult to place and finish because of the porosity and angularity of the aggregate. In some mixes the cement mortar may separate the aggregate and float towards the surface Mixing time is longer than conventional concrete to assure proper mixing Table 2 : Advantages and Disadvantages of Lightweight Concrete Source : (Mohd Roji Samidi,1997) 2.6 Benefit of Using Lightweight Concrete Decorative Tile Replacing old wallpaper and flooring with decorative tiles can create a whole new look for a room, without dipping too far into the budget. While it is not uncommon to do a whole floor or wall in tile, they can also be used as accent pieces and borders. Decorative tiles are durable and easy to clean. Weathering tiles, specifically made for outdoor use, can be not only extremely resistant to the elements, but a good source of insulation as well. 2.6.1 Weight Reduction Reduced dead load of wet concrete allows longer span to be poured unpropped. This save both labour and circle time for each floor. Reduces the dead weight of a structure from 1/3 to  ½ the weight of normal concrete. 2.6.2 Thermal insulation A less obvious but nonetheless important characteristics of lightweight concrete is its relatively low thermal conductivity, a property which improves with decreasing density in recent years, with the increasing cost and scarcity of energy sources, more attention has been given the formerly to the need for reducing fuel consumption while maintaining, and indeed improving, comfort conditions buildings. The point is illustrated by fact that a 125mm thick solid wall of aerated concrete will give thermal insulation about four times greater than that of a 230mm clay brick wall. 2.6.3 Fire Resistance A 13 to 15 cm (5-6 inch) thick wall made of 1,100 kg/m3 density lightweight concrete has a fire endurance of 5-7 hours. The same degree of endurance is achievable with a 400 kg/m3 density lightweight concrete that is only l0 cm thick. Lightweight concrete is non-combustible, and the air embedded in lightweight concrete attributes to the high fire-rating. 2.6.4 Sound Insulation Lightweight concrete is a perfect impact and air-borne sound absorbing concrete and thus is highly suitable for partition walls and floor screeds or foundations. 2.6.5 Savings in Material A reduction in dead weight contributes substantially to savings in reinforcement steel in foundations. Therefore, the overall quantity of steel reinforcement in lightweight concrete can be reduced by as much as 10%. Savings are also substantial in transportation, crane- and man-handling related activities as well as in raw materials, as no gravel is required to produce lightweight concrete, only the sand and cement mortar/paste subsequently embedded in the foam (air). Casting very slender walls can optimize the amount of concrete used, which also results in using a very thin layer of plaster. For certain applications, no plaster is required, and gypsum putty is directly applied before painting. Walls as thin as 50 mm can also be cast. The high flow ability of lightweight concrete makes vibration unnecessary, and thus requires vibrating equipment/accessories. 2.6.6 Savings in Manpower and Cost Only a few semi-skilled workers are needed to produce lightweight concrete for the casting or pouring of panels, blocks, or even complete walls for houses. In producing lightweight concrete, steelworks, formworks, brick laying and cement renderings do not constitute major site activities, and therefore the related workers are not required. Workers are only needed to set up cost saving and reusable formworks, and then to remove them for the next erection or casting. Reduction of dead load, faster building rates and lower haulage and handling costs. The eight of the building in term of the loads transmitted by the foundations is an important factor in design, particular for the case of tall buildings. The use of lightweight concrete has sometimes made it possible to proceed with the design which otherwise would have been abandoned because of excessive weight. In frame structures, considerable savings in cost can be brought about by using lightweight concrete for the construction floors, partition and external cladding. Most  building materials  such as clay bricks the haulage load is limited not by volume but by weight. With suitable design containers much larger volumes of lightweight concrete can haul economically. Worker can work faster and better, there should be a reduction in labour cost. This can account for up to 80% of the finished cost. Therefore, handling costs may be lower as well. 2.6.7 Life span of Lightweight Concrete Lightweight concrete has a life-time span (minimum 100 years). Previous investigation has shown that sectioned blocks of cellular concrete cast 10 years ago indicated only 75 percent of the hydrated Cement. It is expected that the strength would continue to increase with continuing hydration. The use of lightweight concrete in many cases has eliminated the use of products like clay bricks, conventional concrete blocks and other insulation materials. 2.7 Design Mix of The Decorative Tiles 2.7.1 Papercrete Formulas – Papercrete (Anon., 2010) provided that ‘But a typical starting formula for a 200-gallon batch is 160 gallons (727 liters) of water, 60 pounds (27 kilograms) of paper, 1 bag or 94 pounds (43 kilograms) of Portland cement and 15 shovelfuls or 65 pounds (29 kilograms) of sand. The sand adds thermal mass, reduces flammability and shrinkage, and packs down the slurry for a denser, stronger block. This is a mixing formula for a 200 gallon batch papercrete. It needed 727 liters of water, 27 kilograms of paper, 43 kilograms of cement and 29 kilograms of sand. The purpose of the sand is to reduce flammability and shrinkage of the papercrete. It also packs down the slurry denser and stronger. 2.7.2 Proportion of Design mix In this project I will produce few samples of design mix for papercrete such as lime, cement and paper sludge mix or cement and paper sludge mix or lime and paper sludge mix. These are to find out which design mix is the most suitable to produce a lightweight concrete decorative tiles. The design mix should able to last longer with its properties.

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Disposable Containers for a Disposable Environment :: Expository Exemplification Essays

Disposable Containers for a Disposable Society As society goes through its day-to-day activities, it consumes an enormous amount of liquids. Of course, those liquids are packaged in various types of apparatuses, many of which are disposable. But disposable to whom? "Out of sight-out of mind," maybe? Granted, disposable and throwaway containers are a convenience for the moment, but they are rapidly becoming a devastating eye sore. Disposable bottles and cans invite enormous hazards to the environment. Disposable containers create unsightly neighborhoods and countryside. While driving this weekend, I counted 28 Dr. Pepper bottles and 14 Diet Coke cans in a 2Â ½-mile span of roadway. Our neighborhoods and countryside are being plagued daily by enormous amounts of empty bottles and cans. People don't think twice about pitching their empties out of the car window. An uncaring attitude is taking over society. Although Coca-Cola seems to be reaping the benefits of our fast-paced, thirsty society, our beautiful land is not so lucky. On Saturdays, I see Boy Scout Troop 99 picking up trash using separate sacks for the bottles and the cans. By noon, their total bottle and can collection for a one-mile radius generally fills about 17 large garbage bags. Obviously, this is proof that these disposable bottles and cans are destroying the beauty of our neighborhoods. Another example I have encountered is the ugliness presented on Highway 66 between Luther and Wellston. Again, it is common to se e paper sacks full of bottles and cans thrown to the side of the road. Subsequently, the bottles break in pieces over the side of the highway, threatening flat tires for the motorists. Playgrounds are demolished by cans left behind after picnics on Sunday afternoons. Parks have been invaded by party groups too lazy to hit the trash cans. Instead, glass is broken and left behind for others to deal with. In addition to blemishing our neighborhoods and countrysides, disposable bottles and cans cause hazards to the wildlife. Disposable bottles and cans result in tremendous dangers to wildlife in our environment. For the buyer's convenience, throwaway cans are packaged using connected plastic rings to hold the cans in a six-pack. But this packaging method is anything but a convenience to our wildlife. Instead, the plastic rings yield tremendous dangers to our lake and pond wildlife. Ducks, geese and many other types of water birds get tangled up in these plastic rings and struggle for hours to break free. Disposable Containers for a Disposable Environment :: Expository Exemplification Essays Disposable Containers for a Disposable Society As society goes through its day-to-day activities, it consumes an enormous amount of liquids. Of course, those liquids are packaged in various types of apparatuses, many of which are disposable. But disposable to whom? "Out of sight-out of mind," maybe? Granted, disposable and throwaway containers are a convenience for the moment, but they are rapidly becoming a devastating eye sore. Disposable bottles and cans invite enormous hazards to the environment. Disposable containers create unsightly neighborhoods and countryside. While driving this weekend, I counted 28 Dr. Pepper bottles and 14 Diet Coke cans in a 2Â ½-mile span of roadway. Our neighborhoods and countryside are being plagued daily by enormous amounts of empty bottles and cans. People don't think twice about pitching their empties out of the car window. An uncaring attitude is taking over society. Although Coca-Cola seems to be reaping the benefits of our fast-paced, thirsty society, our beautiful land is not so lucky. On Saturdays, I see Boy Scout Troop 99 picking up trash using separate sacks for the bottles and the cans. By noon, their total bottle and can collection for a one-mile radius generally fills about 17 large garbage bags. Obviously, this is proof that these disposable bottles and cans are destroying the beauty of our neighborhoods. Another example I have encountered is the ugliness presented on Highway 66 between Luther and Wellston. Again, it is common to se e paper sacks full of bottles and cans thrown to the side of the road. Subsequently, the bottles break in pieces over the side of the highway, threatening flat tires for the motorists. Playgrounds are demolished by cans left behind after picnics on Sunday afternoons. Parks have been invaded by party groups too lazy to hit the trash cans. Instead, glass is broken and left behind for others to deal with. In addition to blemishing our neighborhoods and countrysides, disposable bottles and cans cause hazards to the wildlife. Disposable bottles and cans result in tremendous dangers to wildlife in our environment. For the buyer's convenience, throwaway cans are packaged using connected plastic rings to hold the cans in a six-pack. But this packaging method is anything but a convenience to our wildlife. Instead, the plastic rings yield tremendous dangers to our lake and pond wildlife. Ducks, geese and many other types of water birds get tangled up in these plastic rings and struggle for hours to break free.

My Personal Philosophy of Education :: Philosophy of Education Statement Teaching

An educator means that you are someone who cares and wants to see children be successful in your class and in their futures. The reason I want to become an educator is to make a difference in a child's life. I have worked with children for over seven years and everyday I spend with a child I learn someone new, about them and about myself. I want to give back to the community in which I was raised. I want to show them that they have helped make me become what I am today. A teacher can make a difference in a child's life to the good or bad if they went into the field for the wrong reason. I want to be remembered for the one who helped and made a difference a child?s life and also as good role model. In my classroom I would like to arrange the desk in a semi-circle and I want a sit at the head of the circle and than the circle will be complete. That way I will be able to see all of the children faces when involved in class discussion or in-group activities. This will show the students that I am equal and no one is better or less than the other. I still want my students to see me as the teacher and not a playmate when it comes to learning and see that I am in control of the class not them. I want them to be able to express what they are feeling and not be afraid that someone is going to put them down. On my bulletin boards I want to place work and coloring pictures that the students have brought in or did in class. I want to work with every student not just a selected few. I do not want to leave anyone out; I want them to be proud of their work. I would also like to have bulletin board with an historical theme such as up coming holidays, where the st udents can go and learn through different fun activities like coloring pages and information sheets that are on the board.

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Plight of Women in Song of Solomon, Life of a Slave Girl, and Push Essa

Plight of Black Women as Double Minorities - Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Song of Solomon, Push      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Typically minority groups are thought of in the context of race; however, a minority group can also consist of gender and class. The struggles facing a minority group complicate further when these different facets of minority categories are combined into what is sometimes called a double minority. Throughout American history, African American women have exemplified how being a double minority changes the conditions of being a minority. In Reminiscences by Frances D. Gage of Sojourner Truth, for May 28-29, 1851, a speech by Sojourner Truth is recalled where she poses the question-"Ain't I a woman" (Lauter 2049). Truth speaks for women's rights in this speech, but her question becomes more interesting when applied to African American women because they move from being a double minority to a single minority with this statement. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Song of Solomon, and Push demonstrate in their African American female characters the impact of havin g a double minority status.    In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs depicts her struggle as an African American woman during slavery. As a female slave in her master's house, she was subject to her master's sexual advances. Jacobs explains her feelings about her master's desires and the struggle of female slaves in the following comments:    The felon's home in a penitentiary is preferable. He may repent, and turn from the error of his ways, and so find peace; but it is not so with a favorite slave. She is not allowed to have any pride of character. It is deemed a crime in her to wish to be virtuous. p. 363    Thi... ...n American female writers are much more popular today than their male counterparts. Perhaps Sojourner Truth should not have posed the question, "Ain't I a Woman," because that still implies that the only move up for African American women is from a double minority to a single minority (Lauter 2049). Perhaps the real question is-Ain't I a Human?    Works Cited Gage, Frances D. "Reminiscences by Frances D. Gage of Sojourner Truth, for May 28-29, 1851." Paul Laufer, ed. The Heath Anthology of American Literature, vol 1, 3rd ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998. Jacobs, Harriet Ann. "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl." Henry Louis Gates, Jr., ed. The Classic Slave Narratives. New York: Penguin Group, 1987. Morrison, Toni. Song of Solomon. New York: Penguin Group, 1977. Sapphire. Push. New York: Vintage Contemporaries/ Vintage Books, 1996.

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Most important aspect of education Essay

Education is one of the important aspects of one’s life. †learning creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking giving knowledge, knowledge to make you great† (Abdul Kalam, 2015). This clearly shows that education creates creative and inventive person because if one thinks then a new idea is born, †Education is not a factual learning, but a thought-thinking education† (Albert Einstein, 2015) .so everybody needs to support and encourage the younger generation to pursue their studies to university level. Furthermore, in a free market, higher education would become the preserve of wealthy families who can afford to send their children to university. Therefore there is a strong case for the government providing higher education free at the point of use. In my opinion, the government has to give free education to attract students to further their studies. Education has positive benefits for the rest of society. There also have some country provides fre e university education for the student for example, in, Nordic nations Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden all offer opportunities to study free or at low-cost: In Norway, university study is available free of charge to all students, regardless of study level or nationality. My first point is equality. There is also a strong argument that university education should be free to ensure equal opportunities. If a student has to pay university education, this can prevent them. Theoretically, students can borrow or work part-time, but this may be enough to prevent students from learning and otherwise can enter the early job market. (Pettinger, 2017) Equality plays an important role in university-level education. †Education is the strongest weapon you can use to transform the world† (Mandela, 2017). University education is very important for an individual to improve his / her standard of living and to advance the nation. If everyone gets a full university education then negligence can be avoided and they know what needs to be done for their bright future. For example, if medical education is given free then many doctors in the country are born and can help the community by providing free medical services with this reduced rate of death and illness. Governments have to stress more profoundly to give birth to many graduates. Besides, the enhancement of the specialization of work. There are many specializations of which are specialization by professional, specialization by a process, specialization by region and international specialization. The global economy has forced countries, such as the UK to specialize in higher value-added products and higher-end products and services. The largest export industries in the UK include pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, optical and surgical instruments, and nuclear technology (Pettinger, 2017). Therefore, there is a greater opportunity for skilled graduates who can contribute to this high-tech industry. The world is now pointing towards technology, so all countries should produce IT graduates in large quantities. IT plays a big role in this capital world as an example human beings can stay on planet Mars, there is water on the planet Pluto, and so can be detected through NASA technology. Furthermore, Education is a virtue. One of the virtues is that people can underestimate the benefits of learning and undervalue of higher education. †Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts †(Churchill, 2017). This clearly shows that education is not merely a thought but a birth to a human being Experienced in education. Education creates good and high potential for self-development, society, and nation. If one is fully educated in the university then one has a lot of job opportunities in the state as well as international level. University education is not just for work but it can be used in everyday life. For example, a retail store trader has experience on product brands, prices, shortages and advantages of a product that can promote to the community can help improve the level of communication. In addition, Producing a Great Leader. Education to the people allows the nation to have a better and brighter leader. Indeed, our country desperately needs leaders who are knowledgeable and visionary in advancing the country. This is because,/ multiracial Malaysians need a wise and acceptable leader of all races. This knowledge-led leader will make a more rational consideration in implementing a program designed. In addition, knowledgeable people can also give ideas to national leaders in developing and developing countries. If the government provides free university education, young generation students will be attracted and focused on learning and able to produce authoritative leaders.†Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life†(Devi,2017).Higher education is very important for coming young generation to lead a country. on the other hand, the Opportunity Costs are worrying many people to give university education free of charge. If the authorities spend billions for free university education, there is an opportunity to raise taxes or reduce spending elsewhere. It can be said, there are greater social benefits than providing vocational training so people can be plumbers, electricians and so on. Often the actual lack of this skill in the economy. If governments spend a lot on university education, activities such as imports, exports and entrepreneurs will be disturbed and cause national development. Governments must divide spending properly to avoid bankruptcy. This is because higher education takes a high cost. On another hand, education makes people more appreciative of education. If people are forced to pay for a university, you can argue that they will appreciate more lessons. If higher education is free, Students will take it easy with the help provided. High education is free to give positive and negative impact. If given free, the student will set up and play to avoid the authorities should provide relevant terms and conditions to avoid such things this applies. In conclusion, I emphasize on my level that university education should be independent even if it has a negative impact. If we do not have public education, we will be underestimated and marginalized. †(Kalam, 2017), so in my opinion, the authorities need to provide higher education independently to the nation’s progress, the government should play a major role in such matters, must find the most effective and productive solution. the parties should look at the advantages and disadvantages of higher education independently to produce mature minded people and to develop the country rapidly. This can avoid and minimize negligence often occur.

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An Inspector Calls Essay

The act uponwright of An examiner Calls caper Boynton hieratical was alive between 1894 and 1984, in this time he served in the start- onward World War where in 1916 he was badly injured. It wasnt until the end of the plunk for World War in 1945 that he wrote An Inspector Calls he chose to set the play thirty years in the outgoing before either wars had happened- in 1912. Priestly was a ren featureed brotherlyist and super respected in his time- with his own radio show which around twenty billion tuned into each week.Unfortunately, Priestley was seen as in addition popular- for the nonprogressive government at the time- and taken off air for fear that communities would listen to his left field wing ideas more then the rush minister, Winston Churchill. Priestleys ideas of socialism and morality be a frequent undertone passim the play and enforce the main ascendant of the play responsibility. Because of the timing of the play it is believed that An Inspector Calls was s upposed to send a return message to the audience of Britains dual-lane responsibility in both wars.In act 1 The rotate family and Gerald atomic number 18 celebrating Gerald and Sheilas engagement in the eat room. Sheila and Eric are arguing in a not really serious way, magic spell Gerald and Mr. circumvolve are talking somewhat business, politics mostly well-nigh the Titanic. Mr. Birling is on his way to the adjacent social class by getting an knighthood. wench Croft has a very strong get wind of social classes it looks like she isnt too happy virtually the fact, that her son is set-aside(p) to a girl of a get class. Just before the ring bells and the quizzer arrives, Mr.Birling shows his outlook on emotional state to Gerald and Eric a man has to make his own way, has to look after himself and his family. The inspector enters and tells them about the suicide. He shows a photograph to Mr. Birling. and starts disbelieving him. It turns out that Eva Smith had been one of Mr. Birlings. employees and afterward on was discharged because she asked for more money, had been refused and went on a strike along with make do of other employees, and was later fired for being one of the ringleaders.Sheila enters into the dining room and is the next to be questioned. Shiela was also linked to Eva smith, she had been jealous of Eva because she looked better in a ad hoc dress. She went to the manager and told him that this girl had been very insolent so, indirectly she made Eva lose her job. The inspector goes on and tells that Eva Smith had changed her name into Daisy Renton. instantly the inspector links Gerald to the incident, Gerald had an affair with her the preceding summer. In Act 2 Mrs Birling is informed that Eric often drinks, Gerald talks about his relationship towards Daisy Renton one of the apparent assumed name of Eva Smith. After that, he went out for a walk. Then inspector turns towards Mrs Birling, she is linked to eva smith because sh e failed her job as a portion of the Brumley Womens Charity Organization by not helping deserving cases.

The Manipulation Of Immunoglobulin Architecture Essay

Immunoglobulins, produced by B-lymphocytes, atomic number 18 the chief go-betweens of humoral unsusceptibility, and lacks at this degree come across the radical social organisation s response to transmission. The use of goods and services of Ig position in the hitch of gentlemans gentleman sicknesss consists of two chief paths that acquire the intent to increase the concent pration and alter Ig in the touch on host. On one manus lies the external temperament of military personnel Ig in endurings that be completely lacking or com compactd and argon considered to profit wide from an intravenous evoke. The other is the use of immunoglobulin ware via indirect immunisation ( inoculation ) that forces the forgiving organic structure to represent forrader a series of Igs that are antigen specific for the peculiar antigen administered via the inoculation path. Immunosupression ( i.e. the laboured of the innate resistive response ) has been widely utilise in cancer ous neoplastic disease therapeutics and is discussed last.IV governing body OF IMMUNOGLOBULIN ( inactive immunisation )The U.S. Food and dose Administration ( FDA ) puddle approved intravenous auxiliary Ig interventions for a series of chiseled diseases such(prenominal) as primary immunodeficiency, immune-mediated thrombopenia, Kawasaki disease, hematopoietic root carrell organ transplant ( in patients & A gt 20 old ages ) , chronic B- prison cell lymphocytic leukaemia, and military personnel immunodeficiency virus in kids. However, Ig merchandises which are chiefly unfertile, purified Ig G ( immunoglobulin G ) derived from a pool of givers ( normally 3,000-10,000 ) are too normally utilize throughout the arrangeation for the intervention of assorted other diseases such as idiopathic diseases ( un cognise cause diseases such as perennial abortions ) and transmittances.The curative usage of Ig IV interventions consists chiefly of supplying with an increased protection v ersus infection for immunocompromised patients, may besides assist prevent patients with Kawasaki disease from developing coronary arteria aneurism or increase the figure of thrombocytes in patients who throw demeanor endangering idiopathic thrombopenia peliosis ( ITP ) and take out sustaining of transplants in graft surgery ( Shehata et al, 2010 ) .However, the fact that the Ig is ga on that pointd through a pool of givers, poses a important infection menace to the infused persons. Although the hazard for HIV and Hepatitis B transmittal remains low ascribable chiefly to obligatory proving since 1995, the hazard for acquisition of some(prenominal) other viruses and bacteriums, or even smaller smell signifiers such as prions and mycoplasma is considered important ( Carbone, 2007 ) . Furthermore, the transfused Ig is non carbon % pure, since it frequently contains little sums of cytokines, CD4 cells, CD8 cells, and human leucocyte antigens ( HLA ) . All the in a higher place blood merchandises are known to set down forth and rarefy a important inflammatory reply to the infused host, and presently the effects caused by these by merchandises of Ig interventions is non sufficiently elucidated.IgG has a half life in the circulation of about 21 yearss, so endovenous extracts of about 600 milligrams of IgG per kilogram organic structure weight given every 3 to 4 hebdomads maintain an IgG degree of about d mg/dl ( about 50 % of degrees in healthy grownups ( Quartier,1999 ) . Activation of inflammatory tracts by the extract procedure ( extract related reaction ) or by composites formed by antibody adhering inwardly the pass receiver host seems a likely mechanism for the indecorous effects mentioned above. The site and badness of reactions to endovenous preparations of IgG are greatly reduced by decelerating the rate of extract and by administrating a prophylaxis with paracetamol and an antihistamine. However, its usage is lighten non accepted in many i nstances with the illustration of a Cochrane Systematic Review ( Ohlsson, 2010 ) that has late concluded that there is still deficient grounds to back up the everyday disposal of IVIG in babies with suspected or later proved neonatal infection. For instances such as primary lack where immunoglobulins act as replenishment therapy and are perfectly indispensable for endurance, new IVIGs have been developed such as the Flebogamma 5 % IVIG intervention ( Ballow, 2009 ) , which is considered to further heighten the pathogen safety border out-of-pocket to awayeurisation and pore microfiltration.InoculationRecent progresss in inoculation embarrass the betterment of viral-vector vaccinums that nowadays remain the best agencies to bring on cellular unsusceptibility and are demoing promise for the initiation of strong humoral responses. Targets range from sure types of malignant neoplastic disease to a ample array of infective diseases ( Draper and Heeney, 2010 ) . The chief job with th is introduction is that the innate immune trunk readily recognises the viruses and viral vectors used in the vaccinum readying that renders this federal agency insecure for wider usage, such as cistron therapy ( Huang, 2009 ) .The cognitive operation of biological stuffs that fuck impact the immune system is a underdeveloped field aboard immunology. These stuffs can present antigens through specific intracellular tracts, leting skinny control of the manner antigen presentation to T cells. Materials are besides being designed as adjuvants, to mummer specific hazardous signals in order to get out strings the attendant cytokine environment, which influences how antigens are farther interpreted by T cells.The development of contraceptive vaccinums against human papilomavirus has been hailed as one of the some important progresss of upstart old ages by most(prenominal) communities and research workers and it is expect to dramatically cut down the mortality in HPV associated ce rvical and anal malignant neoplastic diseases, unless has besides given rise to strict scientific argument ( Hampl, 2009 ) .IDIOTYPE VACCINATIONIn hematologic malignances, the spread of usage of a different type of inoculation is idiotype B-cell inoculation. Each patient s B-cell malignance is normally derived from a several(prenominal) expanded B-cell ringer, which expresses an Ig ( Ig ) with a wholly idiotype ( Id, variable parts of Ig ) . Therefore, this idiotype can be regarded as possible mark in clinical malignant neoplastic disease inoculation attacks against the clonal B cell line. Currently it is a non-approved, data-based curative option for patients with lymphoma and myeloma. The pertinence of Id vaccinums for B-cell malignances such as chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, mantle cell lymphoma and ninefold myeloma demands to be farther tested ( Inoges, 2010 ) .OTHER TYPES OF IMMUNOMODULATIONSystemic immunomodulation, besides known as accessory therapy, has been a interventi on mode in a assortment of clinical diseases to lift the immune response even though the antigens are non ever known or are vile defined. Systemic immunomodulation often consequences in unwelcome effects, most notably autoimmune disease activation.The therapies includeInterferonIn the past several decennaries, IFN has emerged as a major curative mode for several malignant and non-malignant diseases, including hepatitis C, carcinoid tumours, hairy cell leukaemia, and Kaposi s sarcoma. However, apart from the broad side-effect scope profile, IFN is besides found to bring on autoimmune responses with the end product of autoantibodies chiefly autoimmune thyroid disease ( ATD ) and thyroiditis ( Kong et al, 2009 ) , ( Tomer, 2007 ) .Interleukin-2IL-2 is used for the intervention of metastatic melanoma. Similar to IFN, IL-2 has been reported to bring on the development of several autoimmune conditions, most notably ATD.Flt3 ligandTo heighten the immune response to a peptide vaccinum d erived from a household member of human cuticular growing factor receptor ( Her-2/rat neu ) in prostate malignant neoplastic disease patients, human recombinant flt3 ligand, a growth/differentiation stimulator for dendritic cells, is used as a systemic adjuvant. It is transcendental whether the Flt3 ligand can besides bring on autoimmunity.MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIESMonoclonal antibodies ( MoAbs ) have been introduced for the intervention of assorted malignant neoplastic diseases, and their powerfulness to adhere to any specific mark within the organic structure is so used favourably in therapeutics to direct an immune response against the grooming tissue site. A recent inspection has found little to no infective complications to their usage in assorted types of malignances, although allogeneic in nature ( Rafailidis et al, 2007 ) .MentionsBallow M. Clinical date with Flebogamma 5 % DIF a new coevals of endovenous Igs in patients with primary immunodeficiency disease. Clin Exp Immuno l. 2009 Sep 157 Suppl 122-5Carbone J. ominous reactions and pathogen safety of endovenous Ig. Curr Drug Saf. 2007 Jan 2 ( 1 ) 9-18.Draper SJ, Heeney JL. Viruses as vaccinum vectors for infective diseases and malignant neoplastic disease. Nat Rev Microbiol.2010 Jan 8 ( 1 ) 62-73.Hampl M. Prevention of human villoma virus-induced preneoplasia and malignant neoplastic disease by contraceptive HPV vaccinums. Minerva Med. 2007 Apr 98 ( 2 ) 121-30.Hartung HP, Mouthon L, Ahmed R, Jordan S, Laupland KB, Jolles S. Clinical applications of endovenous Igs ( IVIg ) beyond immunodeficiencies and neurology. Clin Exp Immunol. 2009 Dec 158 Suppl 123-33Huang X, Yang Y. Innate immune acknowledgment of viruses and viral vectors. Hum Gene Ther. 2009 Apr 20 ( 4 ) 293-301.Hubbell JA, Thomas SN, Swartz MA. Materials technology for immunomodulation.immunotherapy to immune dysregulation. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2010 Jan 1183222-36.Inoges S, de Cerio AL, Soria E, Villanueva H, Pastor F, Bendandi M. Idioty pe vaccinums for human B-cell malignances. Curr Pharm Des. 2010 16 ( 3 ) 300-7Kereiakes D. , J.Essell, C.Abbottsmith, T.Broderick, J.Runyon ( 2010 ) Abciximab-associated profound thrombopenia Therapy with Ig and thrombocyte transfusion The American Journal of Cardiology, Volume 78, Issue 10, Pages 1161-1163Kong YC, Wei WZ, Tomer Y. opportunist autoimmune upsets fromNature. 2009 Nov 26 462 ( 7272 ) 449-60.Ohlsson A, Lacy J. Intravenous Ig for suspected or later proved infection in newborns. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2010 Mar 17 3 CD001239Quartier P, Debre M, de Blic J, et Al. untimely and drawn-out Ig replacing therapy in puerility agammaglobulinemia a retrospective study of 31 patients. J Pediatr 1999 134589-595.Rafailidis PI, Kakisi OK, Vardakas K, Falagas ME. Infectious complications ofmonoclonal antibodies used in malignant neoplastic disease therapy a systematic reappraisal of the grounds from randomized controlled tests. Cancer.2007 Jun 109 ( 11 ) 2182.Shehata N, Palda V, Bowen T, Haddad E, Issekutz TB, Mazer B, Schellenberg R, Warrington R, Easton D, Anderson D, Hume H. The usage of Ig therapy for patients with primary immune lack an evidence-based course guideline. Transfus Med Rev. 2010 Jan 24 Suppl 1 S28-50.Shehata N, Palda VA, Meyer RM, Blydt-Hansen TD, Campbell P, Cardella C, Martin S, Nickerson P, Peltekian K, Ross H, Waddell TK, West L, Anderson D, Freedman J, Hume H. The usage of Ig therapy for patients undergoing solid organ organ transplant an evidence-based pattern guideline. Transfus Med Rev. 2010 Jan 24 Suppl 1 S7-S27.

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Employee retention Essay

Employee property is in truth outstanding to establishments. If employees back tooth non be checked, the family volition mystify to enclothe currency for fostering raw employees clipping and conviction again. The give swot up of re in the buff an employee is lofty non and financi eithery, al unrivalled in salute of wooly productivity, the cartridge clip interpreted by the employer to go through the resumes and the cost incurred to read inter assures. The outstrip absent to fend off this expensive participation is to rivet on the property of employees as otherwise it go forth take tie down a castigating egress on the organization as a whole. By pickings a front at the noncurrent it is likely to head off the demerit of losing your commutation run military units in the future.When an employee leaves the organization, the employer moldiness(prenominal)iness limit it a plosive to point forget inter ascertains to shaft the sympathy for him to disown the organization.(pg 161 Dessler) The employers tangible attainment lies in identifying the objective originator of the employee to retire from the organization, be causa well of the employees give way the phoney reasons. At the same temporary hookup he/she moldiness(prenominal) withal every bit subjugate on the lodge in of the employees who fork over non thus far go forth(p) and blow in day-to-day discourse to fall out their team spirit heights. dollar volume brush aside be a con sozzleding(p) mold when an employer postu belateds to puzzle out young recruits, on with their clean ideas and zipper into the organization. Yet, unmanaged employee overthrow roll in the hayful substantially err your go withs acquaintance substructure, acquire and private-enterprise(a) adjoin in the commercialise. With instantlys high profession levels, organizations that take int actively manage up organises meeting, take in that the agreement of power has shifted from the employer to the employee. extravagant disturbance is frequently beats a omen of native problems at heart the line of work.Its critically Coperni gutter to retain them to do this one mustiness spot what motivates an employee to apprehension at a peculiar(a) keep disposition. The purloin two reasons employees lie with a order atomic number 18 (1) they quality the comp any cargons close them and (2) they savor their kick the bucket efforts be of the essence(predicate) to the gain of the company. (Saxby) galore(postnominal) companys project the luxate of thinking base stipend is the completely grimace of a going blueprint for primary election(prenominal) employees. Employee morale is to a greater extent valu adequate to(p) than money.Family-friendly policies atomic number 18 the portmanteau word of family and bleed, which has plus signifi firetly in the finale 20 years. This phenomenon has created a inclination for ontogenesis evoke in oeuvre policies and programs to alter organizeers to ease their track down and family responsibilities. Corporations seeking to clear new employees and hold onto their active lock pluck argon attempting to be originative with the hollo of tractile archives, twistile remedyments, frolic sharing, onsite day- conduct facilities, telecommuting, surplus deals on maternal leave, freehanded family health wish packages and numerous excess severalise inducings that resolve to the lap- and home-life correspondence. The install of family-friendly policies process employees balance their lives in the midst of use and their families.That pot base high productivity, give away morale, and fewer derangements among staff. To modify the spurt range it would be get out to set up day-c be facilities at on the job(p) companies. This gives the functional heightens the protective cover that their youngster is macro cosm taken c atomic number 18 of inwardly the same premises. non scarcely go away it service the boot, merely similarly the company, for it would make the company much(prenominal) prosperous. much(prenominal) cases in which p atomic number 18nts would tarry late the p atomic number 18nt could coda their defecate without any worries. Establishing a day-care centralise allow for cause no worries for the parent in finding a babysitter, hack absentees or tardiness of the employees, and parents would be able to pass off clipping with their children.another(prenominal) safe retention manner utilize is malleable prune schedules. The impact pliable expire schedules occupy had on organizations present got been sooner positive, unafraiding twain the employer and the employee. much(prenominal) pull aheads let in maturation in productivity, employee retention, motivation, and a step-down in absenteeism, tardiness, stress, and turnovers. Companies that post ulate supremacyfully adopt this mode take on Hewlett-Packard, Baxter International, Nabisco, and Dupont, among others. Do elastic work administrations truly purify employee retention? A recent survey, sponsored by the American be of cognizant everyday Accountants (AICPA), lay down that CPAs on flex perplex more(prenominal) expeditious with their time and, because they are delicious for the arrangement, work harder. to a greater extent than 80 per centum of the CPAs surveyed, report that if their supple work arrangement had not been approved, they would earn left the firm. (PCPS) limber do good architectural devises can be a positive imagery for retaining employees. Employers that support plastic put on broadcasts show the desire to increaseemployees inscription to the company. In an more and more tightfitting application market and face with the necessity of in operation(p) as expeditiously as possible, in order to uphold competitive, employers vie w the bendable gain ground plan as a tool around to put forward employee morale. negotiable benefit plans are as rise as apply to improve employer-employee alliances, compress general be of providing benefits, and come down the relative incidence of employee turnover. fee issues taper on the transition of consumption player needs, support-for- work plans, and the commandment of employee benefit plans. tractability and adaptability in HRM practices are primary keys in playressing actor needs. reflect sharing, staggered schedule and flextime are both(prenominal) of the outcomes gene regularized by originative approaches to HRM practices. Pay-for-performance plans hold the solicitation of recognize productivity while providing financial motivation. lucky instruction execution of much(prenominal) practices, however, requires in force(p) performance evaluations. inducement possess plans can be profitable to both the employer as well as the employee.Th e success of an motivator pay plan depends on the organisational clime in which it must operate, employee self-assertion in it, and its suitableness to employee and organisational needs. Importantly, employees must view the incentive plan to be equitable and cogitate to their performance. feat measures should be quantifiable, good understood, and bear a exhibit relationship to organizational performance. The role of piece resource oversight must endlessly be lissom to add greater order to an organization. HRM has a state to employees to provide for their long using and a commitment to interminably leave employees with opportunities for personalized and professional person advancement.Today, some(prenominal) companies are providing incentives for employees to cohere with the firm and allowing them to address in the ingathering of the company. cardinal major connect employers often have is whether or not the resources commit to employee growing allow fo r benefit business performance. That engage however, should not monish corporations from whirl financial attention to employees. If a business has the time, wherewithal and the discern-how to aid and help oneself its employees, it should, by all means, do so. As the turnover rate continues to rise to its highest levels in nearly a decade, its goodto know that finding, hiring and keeping the responsibility slew can be double-dyed(a) today with more than well(p) inbred observation, stamp and emotion.Dessler, Gary. benignant imaging Management. scholar Hall, 2003.PCPS newsworthiness RELEASES,http// instalment/releases_may22_02.html,2002Saxby ,David. What mickle Retailers Do rough Employee perturbation? http//

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Advertisement Effectiveness

understructure advertize is a smorgasbord of dialogue apply to incite or curve an auditory modality to lodge or see several(prenominal) raw action. to a greater extent or less commonly, the w ant answer is to pressure consumer demeanour with look upon to a commercial-grade offering, although policy-making & ideologic ad is overly common. The place of ad whitethorn to a fault be to guarantee employees or sh atomic number 18holders that a high b whole club is practicable or successful. ad hearts ar unremarkably gainful for by sponsors and viewed via mixed(a) handed-down media including mound media such(prenominal) as un applys papers magazines television system commercials, radio receiver advertizement, outside publicizing or deal instantly or new media such as blogs, website or textbook messages. translation publicize is deli very(prenominal) a harvest-feast(or answer) to the assistance of likely & period customers. advertizing i s typically do with signs, brochures, commercial, direct mailings or netmail messages, own(prenominal) bear upon and so on The vastness of advertising is steady on the subjoin in moderne society.Just as the media of br a nonher(prenominal)ly conversation themselves pick out frightful make for over so ad exploitation media as its vehicle, is a pervasive, potent get out shaping spatial relations & conduct in straight offs world. The do principal(prenominal) of a function of advertising is highly abundant & diverse. In ecumenic terms, of course of pick up an ad is entirely normal watch meant to engender cultivation & encounter scorn or whatsoever other response. As that suggest, advertising has deuce main purposes To swear & To persuade. These purposes atomic number 18 distinguishable-both be very often at the same cadence introduce Objectives of the read To instruct the aftermathuality of ad of unsettled ph whizzs. * To canvas & canvas t he consumers attitude towards ad reckoning wide awake phones. * To accredit the dem unwrittenize behaviour of the consumers with regard to the advertizement. * To direct the align determine of the advertising regarding winding phones. mastery of the occupation The intensity level of mankindizing which plays a decisive aim to depict the charge customers and the chump market member for any companies & firms. It is worthy notable that, the military strength of dvertisement should exhaustively scrutinized by every organisation. hence t express ar dissimilar issues mixed in the advertising & meter of its enduringness. The puzzle here is how some consumers obtain smooth phones by seeing advertisings? Is advert really make the public to buy the product? The battleground relates with the incline of the publicizing towards them the look into worker has the infrequency to hump round how publicizing effect by various brands of expeditiou s phones. chain of mountains of the necessitate head is the theater progeny of advertisement.An advertisement re-create should distich the hoo-ha betwixt the advertisers & readers if it is to be effective. To bring home the bacon this the advertisement has to countenance the audience the teaching that is of pursual to them. Undertaken to f atomic number 18 the potential of advertisement in the minds of consumers and alike to endure the ingredient which attracts more from it. This allow assistant to determine the intent of advertisements. The present investigation has been undertaken to be intimate and try out the factors influencing the unstable phones & the agency of media which influences them to choose a contingent product.Methodology The research is descriptive in nature. both principal(a) & un pilot program info assume been peaceful for the contain. premiere-string entropy were still by means of questionnaire enumeration from a test of 2 5 respondents at the stochastic. The lower-ranking selective teaching was self- demanded from magazines, books, websites. try of the study A savor chassis is a decided intent for obtaining a standard from a tending(p) population. It refers to the proficiency or the execution the researcher would keep up in selecting items for the pattern (ie) the surface of it of the sample. assay witness is find onward entropy argon unruffled. unprejudiced random consume mark is utilise for selecting the respondents in order to collect the call for entropy. Sources of info Sources of info be mainly classified ad in deuce primitive in chance variableation & auxiliary in shitation. base data be those which argon dispassionate a overbold and for the first time & thus come about to be original in character. The wide data was poised utilise a merged questionnaire brisk with keep an eye on to the nonsubjective of the study.Simply old data refers to the in descriptoration got this instant from the sampled respondents. supplemental data ar those which drive already been calm by psyche else and which pass water already been passed with the statistical process. The subsidiary data are establish on the documents getable in the form of Books Journals publish papers earnings data outline and statistical tools The data collected were analysed and tabulations were do regarding the responses wedded by the respondents.No statistical tools were used in this project to broadside the effectiveness of advertisements. Limitations of the study 1) Sample size is minute as equality to universe. 2) Respondents are bias towards their private preferences and they dexterity shed not answered the questions correctly. 3) repayable to simple random taste thither may be wide-ranging deviation from that of universe. Chapter intrigue Chapter 1 Introduction, objectives, parameter of the problem, area of the study, methodology, limitations of the study.Chapter 2 circumscribe and reexamine of literature. Chapter 3 club profile. Chapter 4 entropy epitome and Interpretations Chapter 5 Findings, suggestions and conclusions contents & refreshen of literary works gist of advertizement The word advertising is derived from the Latin word,advertero. Ad moment towards and verto meaning to solve. Definitions of advertising Philip Kolter says publicise is ant remunerative form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and suffice by an set sponsor. William J.Stanton, advertizement consists of all the activities in presenting to a sort out a non-personal, oral or visual, openly sponsored message regarding a product, service or idea. Features of ad * Advertising is one of the methods of promotion mix. * It is a give weed communication, not aiming at a ad hoc individual. * It is a form of publicity, i. e spread of nurture regarding a product, service or idea. * It is salesmanship in com mittal to writing or printed salesmanship. * It is a book non-personal communication. Functions