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Topic Organisational Structure And Nursing Leadership management - 1 (3)

Topic Organisational Structure And Nursing Leadership/management Essay Topic: Organisational Structure And Nursing Leadership/management â€" Essay Example > IntroductionWith the increased awareness of the organizations studies, it has also become increasingly important that companies evaluate their structure, climate, and culture to ensure that they don’t hinder the organization’s objectives and goals. Studies show that organization performance is highly affected by its structure Phegan (2000) stress this point when he points out that an organization structure and culture defines how work is done in an organization. Organizational studies can be defined as study of organization from different perspectives, techniques, and using various standards of analysis. For example that study may focus on micro behaviour of the organization or the macro study of the organization. The Hospital chosenThis paper will be based on the New York City’s public Hospital System (HHC) is the biggest municipal public hospital and a health care system in the country; it has its central office at 125 worth street in New York. The hospital system boosts o f 7,407 beds with clinical visits of more than 4 million patients visiting the facilities very year. The hospital estimates show that the hospital is worth $5.4 billion and it serves more than 1.3 new Yorkers and more than 400,000 people who have no medical insurance. the HHC provides health care, mental care and offers services in substance abuse, this is done through the HHC’s 11 acute care hospital, nursing facilities, six big diagnostic and treatment units and over 80 community based clinics located in various location around the city. The health facility also provides home care services to new Yorkers. (HHC 2007) Organization structureOrganization structure can be defined as the way the organization management is arrangement, different organization structures are employed in different organization pending to various aspects that includes size of the organization, or type of the products the organization is dealing. New York City’s public Hospital System (HHC) has an organ ization structure which is based on divisional structure. This type organization structure is formed in a manner which allows the organization to split the organization into small self managed divisions which operates with some independence. This type of organization structure has allowed the hospital units to perform their duties without hindrance. (Phegan, 2000)Below is the organization structure of New York City’s public Hospital System (HHC)Mission The mission statement of the hospital is underlined below; To provide equally to all people in New York, without regarding their capability of paying, a high quality, comprehensive health care services in a surrounding of care, humane, respect and dignity. To advance and protect, as both advocate and innovator of health, well-being and safety of the New Yorkers; To join together with other health workers and the societies in a joint venture which will ensure that each of the institutions support and care for health services in it†™s fullest aspect. , of total physical, social and mental well- being of individuals. (HHC, 2007)Strategic objectivesHHC has a number of strategic objectives to make sure that the Hospital continuous improving and making innovations which have discerned the public hospital system. These strategic objectives are;

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